Saudi Jawahir Opens Piu at Panorama Mall

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Saudi Jawahir is honored to announce the opening of Piu boutique, on Saturday 2018/12/29 at Panorama Mall. PIU was launched in 2015 as a destination for our loyal customers to create a store for Italian fine leather goods and accessories. Piu was made to satisfy the niche market searching for Italian fine leather goods and accessories. It was created to deliver products in an easily accessible manner, with little to no effort.

The ambiance represents classic luxury with a modern twist, which befits the leather goods presented in Piu. Built at 134.8 square meters, the retail space offers a complete luxurious and unique experience, with a verity of well-known Italian names such as Tosca Blu, Versace Jeans, John Richmond, Paula Vera and many more options to satisfy our clients’ many diverse tastes.

Saudi Jawahir will continue its growth by opening more high-end brand boutiques around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and hopes to continue satisfying the clients’ needs. The company is driven by Piu’s positive reputation to open more boutiques around the kingdom.

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