Saudi Jawahir opens Cavalli Class boutique in Red Sea Mall

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Saudi Jawahir happily announces the opening of Cavalli Class boutique on the 14th of August 2018 in Red Sea Mall. Cavalli Class is one of the famous Italian brand Roberto Cavalli’s lines, which is named after its founder the brilliant designer. Cavalli Class takes a bolder approach with innovative designs for everyone; men and women.

The boutique is 143 square meters, elegantly designed to reflect the beauty and sophistication of the showcased apparel. The marble floors’ front is enhanced by tiger-patterned spots in black and white, along with velvet furniture and charming glass tables. This isn’t the first Cavalli Class boutique Saudi Jawahir has opened; just recently, another boutique was opened in AlYasmeen Mall.

Red Sea Mall is located in the northern suburb of Jeddah, on the western side of King Abdulaziz Road between King Abdulaziz International Airport and Red Sea coast. The mall provides free Wi Fi for a modern comfortable experience. It is approximately 242,200 square meters of built area.

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