Saudi Jawahir opens Cavalli Class boutique in Al Yasmin Mall

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Saudi Jawahir is proud to announce the opening Cavalli Class boutique on the 5th of July 2018 in Al Yasmin Mall. Cavalli Class is a line of Roberto Cavalli, the prominent Italian brand named after its founder, the outstanding designer. Cavalli Class, however, is concerned with bold, chic looks for men and women alike.

The boutique is 193 square meters, well-polished and carefully design to compliment the high quality of the displayed apparel. The marble alluring floors are enhance by tiger-patterned spots in black and white, and the furniture is charming. The Cavalli Class boutique isn’t the first in the Kingdom; as Saudi Jawahir have opened multiple boutiques in Jeddah and Riyadh.

Al Yasmin Mall is located in Jeddah in Al-Manar neighborhood, Al Ajawad St. The built up area is 98,260 square meters, and its parking space can contain over 2000 vehicles. It also has a variety of restaurants, cafés, shops, and a lot of different events.

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