Saudi Jawahir Opens Cavalli Class at Riyadh Park

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Saudi Jawahir is delighted to announce the opening of yet another Cavalli Class boutique at Riyadh Park on 2019/1/2. Cavalli Class is equivalent with glam and rock. Look to Cavalli for exotic elegance, wild prints and bohemian glamour inherent in every collection. An innovator when it comes to leather, his designs are wild, bold and fluid as his materials vary (leather, denim, silk, feathers) nevertheless the end results are often unforgettable.

The new boutique opens with a space of 330 square meters of built area elegantly designed to reflect the beauty and sophistication of the showcased apparel. Customized with marble floors’ front and enhanced by tiger-patterned spots in black and white, along with velvet furniture and charming glass tables. Located at Riyadh Park, which is one of biggest centers for global brands in Saudi Arabia. It offers a selection of over 70 restaurants and cafés, and the parking area is capable of accommodating 2,500 vehicles. It is located in the heart of Riyadh, at the intersection of Northern Ring Road and prince Mohammed bin Saad bin Abdulaziz Road and in the proximity of King Abdullah Financial City.

This boutique is not the first Cavalli Class boutique Saudi Jawahir has opened; just recently, another boutique was opened in Red Sea Mall. Saudi Jawahir aims to further extend Cavalli Class boutiques in order to please their customers.

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